The Do’s and Don’ts of Hair Maintenance



When it comes to maintaining anything (whether it be your car or your hair) creating a plan and staying consistent with it is key. For your vehicle, knowing the appropriate times to get an oil change and other maintenance is important, as is avoiding potholes (the best you can) while driving to keep your car’s alignment and shocks in check, among other things.


Thankfully, your hair doesn’t need the same type of rigorous maintenance as a car, but it still requires the right kind of attention. Knowing what to do and also what not to do are the best ways to have the best hair possible. Here are some important do’s and don’ts for your hair.




Use a quality styling product
Using a bad/cheap quality styling product would damage your hair to the extent that you will have chunks coming off every time you wash your hair.


Oil your hair at least twice or thrice a week
Oiling your hair will give the nourishment it requires and stop hair fall (if any). While oiling, remember to apply directly into the scalp.


Have a good hairdresser for styling
Your hairdresser will do more than half the work required to make your hair look good. A good hairdresser will also tell you the inner secrets for better care from his experience which no one else will.




Overuse the styling product
Overusing any styling product would damage your hair to the extent that it breaks on a daily basis. A finger tip of wax or gel should be enough for you to style your hair


Use bar soaps to wash your hair
Bar soaps are too harsh for your hair strands and do not have conditioning agents, which help in untangling hair and provide nourishment. Soaps will leave your hair dry and full of residue.


Wash your hair with extremely hot water

Anything too hot is bad for your hair in general. Wash your hair with lukewarm water to prevent the frequent breakage!


Make sure to visit your Ottawa hairstylist regularly to not only keep your hair trimmed and styled to perfection, but to get great tips to keep your hair as clean and healthy as possible.