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Winter Hairstyles



It may be a new year, but we’re still experiencing the same frigid weather that we left 2015 with, and chances are that it will only get colder as delve deeper into winter. On the bright, spring is just around the corner (even though it may not feel like it). The days are slowly getting longer which is definitely something to be happy about.


Since we are currently in the winter season however, it means that we still have to dress accordingly, from head to toe. But just because we are bundled up for warmth doesn’t mean that your hair has to be hidden or take a back seat to style. Here are some of the best hairstyles you may want to try during the winter months:


Textured Fringe – Consider this the evolution of last season’s short shag – you’ve grown some length and have more to play with, so try some loose waves and add piecey, brow-skimming bangs for an instant update.


Contouring Cut – The Contouring cut ditches the layers of seasons’ past for an angled, collarbone length shape that plays up cheekbones and gives the face a flattering frame. Complete the look with stick-straight hair and a precise centre part.


The High Pony – If you want to leave your hair long, create drama with the high pony. Pull hair up tight, sky-high, and finish with extra volume on the tail. It’ll look perfect with all the turtlenecks you’ll be wearing.”


In order to achieve any of this awesome winter hairstyles make sure you contact your Ottawa hair salon and connect with an Ottawa hairstylist. They will be able to help craft the perfect winter look for your hair to keep you looking great, even when you’re frozen.