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Goodnight, and Sleep Topknot!


In order to get a good night’s sleep one must begin their slumber at a reasonable time and get at least 8 hours of deep sleep in order to be the best version of themselves the following morning. Of course, this is much easier said than done. Having young children and insomnia are a few of the potential reasons you may be having a difficult time achieving the sleep you need. Whether you are able to sleep well or not on a regular basis (here are some great sleeping tips to consider), there’s a way to ensure that your hair will always look it’s best when you awake.

If your hair is long enough for you to sleep with it in the topknot position, you definitely should. “Sleep with your hair up in a topknot: This will keep it from bending during the night and will extend your blow-dry, said the pro. All you really have to do is wash your hair and blow-dry it as usual the night before, then twist it up in circular motions right before bed. Just be sure to secure strands with a few bobby pins or a scrunchie, rather than an elastic band, to avoid any weird creases come morning.
Bonus: Because it’s summer and extra-hot, a loosely-secured high bun will prevent any sweat from messing up your clean locks while you sleep. When you wake up in the morning, all you have to do is let your hair down and spritz it with some hairspray or dry shampoo for a bit of volume. Regardless of if your hair is fine and straight or coarse and curly, a lightly-twisted technique before bed will hold a fresh blow-dry in place for stay-put results in the morning.”

By using the topknot method you’ll be able to save yourself some time in the morning when getting ready and keep your hair looking its best for longer. Regularly visiting Caralyn’s, your Ottawa hairstylist will also ensure that your hair is as healthy and beautiful as it can be!