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The Key to Thicker Hair

Beautiful woman with red hair

Hair today, gone tomorrow. Sometimes view this phrase as a lighthearted look at hair and how as we age it tends to lose it’s fullness, but it can also be very hard for some people to deal with. For some, hair represents a large part of their identity and being able to maintain thick, lustrous locks helps them to symbolize strength, vitality and staying young.

Besides regularly visiting your Ottawa hair salon for scalp assessments/treatments, trims and styling, there are some other things which can be done to help improve the overall look of your hair. Here are some great tips to help your hair become thicker.

Try to De-stress – Stress can raise levels of testosterone, so do what you can to minimize it (yes, we know it’s easier said than done). But feeling depressed about your hair is stressful in itself, which exacerbates the problem.

Eat Better – Hair is composed primarily of protein so try to include at least 120g fish, lean meat, eggs or low-fat cottage cheese at breakfast and lunch each day. Iron is vital too. In women, heavy periods, lots of cardiovascular sport such as running, and being veggie or vegan can lead to low iron levels.”

For any concerns regarding the healthy growth of your hair it’s important to consult with your Ottawa hair stylist. They will be able to help you achieve optimal hair health and growth.