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Spring Hair Trends


The weather has been very back and forth (it is Ottawa, however!) but we can safely say that Spring is finally here. What does Spring mean to you? To many it means rebirth and newness and to others it means a lot of rain. Both are correct, and rain is necessary to help facilitate new growth. Spring also provides new opportunities to try out different hairstyles.

Here are some of the top hair trends for 2016 that you may want to try out this season.

Braids: Frontals are also good to use to do the 2 braid look, that is so hot right now! There are many different braiding options out there to not only protect your style but simplify your routine. The Goddess Braid, Fish Tail or the simple Cornrows or “Box Braids”are some examples.

Frontal Installations: A frontal ensures that no hair is left out while wearing it. Many celebrities use frontals and closure pieces to change the style and color of their hair, at the same time, maintaining the health of it. When properly applied, frontals look very realistic giving the appearance of a natural hair line. However, just like color, if it is not done by a licensed professional, you run the risk of damaging your hair or possibly suffering from alopecia or balding around your edges.

The Top Knot Bun: This simple and sleek style can take you from day to night. The ease of achieving this look makes you feel like you never want to give it up. Hair Extensions can be incorporated with the top knot bun by taking a bundle, cutting up the tracks to the desired length and wrapping it around your pony tail until you get the desired shape for your look.”

The best way to achieve these awesome Spring styles is to visit your Ottawa hair salon and have a professional hairstylist make it happen for you. Not only will they be able to execute it in the right way but they will also be able to provide tips to help keep that particular style looking its best for longer.