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Seasonal Shedding




The human body is pretty amazing. Not only is it very resilient and able to adapt to it’s environment, it essentially makes a new version of itself over time, several times over. Of course I’m referring to our hair and skin. New hair replaces old hair at a pace of several dozens of strands a day and happens the most frequently during the Spring and Fall seasons.


The shedding of skin and hair cells may accelerate under certain situations (ex: stress). It may be more difficult to overcome the excessive shedding (especially during the above mentioned months) but it can be dealt with. The first thing to do is to create the best environment possible for optimal hair re-growth; this is done best by making your scalp as healthy as possible.


Your Ottawa hair design specialists at Caralyn’s are able to enhance hair growth by using the science of Trichology and an extensive three step process that includes:


    • Getting a personal consultation from a scalp expert
    • Getting a residue on scalp treatment
    • Starting and maintaining a home hair care scalp treatment.


Your Ottawa hairstylist will provide an extensive examination before any treatment is recommended and administered. If your hair loss doesn’t exceed 3 months, there’s a good chance that is just seasonal shedding and that things will revert back to normal.