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Second Day Hair

Close-up portrait of pretty blonde woman with beautiful lips

The idea of having beautiful ‘right out of the salon chair’ type hair on a daily basis can only truly be achieved by actually going to see your Ottawa hair stylist everyday. As great as that would be in theory (who’s life schedule would allow for that anyway?) getting your hair professionally styled every day could actually be a hindrance to its overall growth and development.

You know how sometimes when you make a certain culinary dish it seems to taste better after the second or third day (obviously depending on what the item is!). The same can be said for hair, to a certain extent. Mark Townsend, a hairstylist to such celebrities as Bella Hadid and Elizabeth Olsen is quite fond of what is referred to as ‘second day hair’. “Especially when it comes to getting good grip for updo hairstyling, with a bit of dry shampoo and hair spray you can transform your slightly greasy hair into a perfect updo.”

It’s important to note however that maintaining your hair and scalp in between appointments is a necessary thing to do. It also helps to ensure that when your hair does get styled upon visiting your Ottawa hair salon it will be that much healthier. Put your hair in the caring and professional hands of a Caralyn’s stylist.