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Pumpkin Spiced Hair


‘Tis the season for cooler temperatures, changing colours of leaves and the wonderful pumpkin spiced flavoured beverages, baked goods and hairstyles. Yes, hairstyles! Nothing is off limits when it comes to pumpkin spice.

“Now the trend has gone to women’s heads with pumpkin-spice hair color blowing up all over Instagram. It sounds maybe a little too orange, but pumpkin-spice hair color is actually really beautiful. It’s an auburn shade with highlights, either natural or salon-made. There’s something about the style’s multidimensional vibe, evoking fallen leaves, that makes it feel even more perfect for when the temperature drops.”

We all have to head into autumn, might as well put autumn on our head! If you want to try out a pumpkin spiced inspired hair colour make sure to visit Caralyns, your Ottawa hair professional.