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Loving your Hair



It’s amazing how something that grows out of your scalp can be so important to your life. If you’re a hairstylist, the cutting, colouring and styling of hair is essentially your whole life. For everyone else, the importance of it truly lies on factors such as: career, self-esteem, personality, etc. We are always conscious of how our hair looks, but even more so when it can affect other aspects of our life.


Certain careers may actually require you to wear your hair a certain way because it is either related to overall performance in some way (ie: models) or they are trying to achieve uniformity with their team (ie: certain military factions). On the other hand, there are also times when your hairstyle of choice actually keeps you from getting a job, or being part of a team where hair isn’t, or shouldn’t be the main point of focus.


The truth of the matter is that hair only makes up a part of you, and should in no way define your whole identity. No one should ever judge someone based on the hair they have, don’t have or how it is styled.


Long, short, frizzy, curly or straight, all hair types are great. Love your hair, but more importantly, love who it is attached to.