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Holiday Hairstyles


The holidays are literally right around the corner, amazing how time flies, isn’t it? Besides finishing gift shopping (or just starting) another thing which people have to think about are the parties they will be attending during the season, which means looking the part.

Since hair plays an important part of one’s overall look, we thought it best to provide some holiday hairstyle inspiration. Here are some styles to consider this season.

‘The Side Mussy ‘Do

Mussy side buns are also popular, but your hair needs texture to get the mussy look.

Create texture with lots of dry shampoo. You can also back comb hair so it get big, big, big.
Work with hair that’s not been freshly washed so it doesn’t slip around on you.
Pull hair into a ponytail holder on the side.
Backcomb the ponytail so it maintains it’s texture.
Wrap the fat ponytail into a loose bun and secure with pins.
Spray hairspray on hair so it holds.

Bombshell Curls

Great if you have long hair with layers.

Make sure to wind the hair around the brush to get big waves. Or, you can use fat curlers to achieve a similar affect.
Make sure to part hair in the center and finish off your look with hairspray so it stays.’

Let us here at Caralyn’s your Ottawa hair design specialists help you achieve these looks and more in order to get the right holiday hair.