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The Link Between Healthy Hair & Diet


Healthy options always yield healthier results, it truly is that simple. When you make the decision to live a healthier lifestyle it means that you are taking the right steps toward being the best possible version of yourself.

The hair on your head is an amazing tell when it comes to how your body is responding to the current diet you may be on. Here are some of the signs that your hair and scalp can give you.

‘Dry, brittle and dull hair
Iron or essential fatty acid deficiencies can lead to dry and brittle hair, and can be addressed with milk, yogurt, cheese, eggs and nutritional yeast. You should also be cautious of excessive high-protein diets, which can cause a thick, coarse and wiry texture.

Dry scalp
A flaky scalp can point to a lack of essential fatty acids in the diet and can appear in times of stress. Sometimes a flaky scalp can be linked to an underlying skin disorder – such as psoriasis – which may need treatment. Up the good fats – nuts, seeds, oily fish, avocados – in your diet.’

In order to achieve a scalp and head of hair that is stronger and healthier make sure your diet is rich with items such as fresh fruit and vegetables, avocados, seaweed and nuts and seeds. Make sure to consult with a stylist from Ottawa’s hair design salon Caralyn’s to ensure your head is on track to be as healthy as it could and should be.