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Headphone Hair


Most people have heard (and experienced) hat head/hair; when after wearing a hat for a prolonged period of time, the way that your hair was initially styled becomes altered and sometimes frayed and erratic looking. It’s something that is common and can be easily fixed for the most part, once the hat is removed. But, what about headphone hair? Wearing over the head style headphones have been proven to cause similar issues.

However, there is hope. Rather than having to fix your hair after you take off headphone, what about creating and wearing a style that works with them and facilitates form and function. A certain stylist did just that. “Often, headphones can mess with your hair-they can make it flat or tangled, like actual bedhead… so when Beats by Dre said, “Can you collaborate with us on this?” I thought, “Well, I’m always telling people to make their hair work for them, to use its natural form as an advantage… Why aren’t we making our headphones work for our hair? It can’t be that hard.” And it isn’t. That’s the good news.”

And for earbud headphones, there’s a style for that too!

“A braid holds the best, and even if you don’t know how to do a complicated braid, you probably learned how to do the classic three-strand braid just by playing with your Barbies. And now that we’re moving more towards wireless [headphones], just tucking the [wire] behind your braid seems like the easiest option for sure, because they won’t get in the way.”

You can see some of these headphone wearing hairstyles being created here. To get something similar for yourself, make sure to consult with your Ottawa hair specialist!