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Historical Hair Straightening Don’ts

Close of Hair Straightener

If you don’t learn from the past, history is doomed to repeat itself. We all get older, but in order to get wiser as we age it’s important to learn from errors we may have made. Sometimes those errors could be due to a lack of knowledge about something because of limited information available at the time…other times, negligence. In either case, proper education is the saving grace for moving forward.

When it comes to the straightening of hair there have been many methods and techniques to achieve the look, some good and some bad. Today’s focus is on the bad; by examining the worst it’s more easily identifiable and avoidable for the present and future. Here are some hair straightening methods that should NOT be repeated, as documented by someone who lived to tell the tail:

Rarely Use Heat Protection
Heat protection was for wimps whose hair was never quite poker straight. If you wanted the straightest mane in the land, you didn’t bother with it at all. If only I knew the harsh, damaging reality.

Using a Clothing Iron
The process was simple: You turned on your household clothing iron, waited for it to heat up, laid your head on the ironing board, and used the clothing iron to flatten your hair. The safest — I use the term very loosely — way to do this was to get a friend to help you. But the entire event was just an accident waiting to happen.

Clamp Straighteners for Too Long
My adolescent mind believed that the longer I clamped my straighteners down on my hair, the straighter it would be. I thankfully chickened out when it started to steam — otherwise I may have burned my locks off.”

To keep your hair always looking and feeling it’s best make sure to consult with your Ottawa hair stylist directly as they will be able to guide you toward whatever hairstyle you desire by using methods aimed at preserving the overall health of your hair and scalp.