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How to Keep Your Scalp Healthy




If you suffer from dull hair, itchy roots, excess oil or even hair loss, an unhealthy scalp may be the cause! Healthy hair comes form a healthy scalp, so its extremely important to focus your attention on how to take care and maintain a healthy head of hair. At Caralyn’s, we have the best scalp experts, that can help diagnose scalp issues, and what products to use to improve.


There are many symptoms of having an unhealthy scalp. To name a few, itching, burning, excessively oily or dry hair and in the worst case, hair loss. Easy ways to improve the health of your scalp at home are:


Daily Brushing: Gently brushing your hair is a great way to stimulate your strands and spread excess oils. It will remove any dead flakes up top and prevent clogged hair follicles.


Gentle Shampoo: Use a natural, cleansing shampoo and avoid harsh scents and ingredients. Try to shampoo your hair every 2-3 days, rather than every day to avoid stripping your scalp of natural oils.


Conditioning: Despite what you heard, conditioning the scalp can actually be beneficial to your hair – especially if your scalp is on the dryer side. Since shampoo is a cleansing product, it will remove any oils, where the conditioner will replace the moisture and return the scalp back to a natural balance.


If you are need of more assistance that the regular scalp upkeep, Caralyn’s has a wide array of scalp treatments to further recoup your scalp’s health and get you back on track to healthy, beautiful hair!

Look as Young as you Feel



At Caralyn’s we truly believe in caring for your skin and appearance at all ages, and by all means, as naturally as possible! While we carry amazing skin rejuvenation products, we also have our fleet of talented stylists who can do the job just as well. A new cut or style can take years off a person by accentuating certain attributes of a face! Here are some youthful hairstyle ideas:


1) Highlights to hide crow’s feet: light flushes of highlights are a great way to brighten facial features, and take the emphasis of lines or wrinkles!


2) Thickening cut to fill out face: Thickening the hair can be a youthful look that accentuates the jaw line and adds body to your style.


3) Bob: The bob is an amazing haircut to liven up a look. Forget the drab shoulder length style that’s been weighing you down and add some angles to make your face more symmetrical!


4) Waves or Curls: Adding waves to a haircut will add volume and body to your hair.


Make your hair look just as young as you feel! For a new cut or style to freshen up your look and get you the boost you need, contact Caralyn’s, your hair experts.

Power Do’

Styling your hair is all about individuality and representing your self, why not make a statement? The Power Do’ is the next hottest thing when it comes to choosing your personal look. Think blunt edges and bold twists on the classic cuts and styles. These looks are going to make heads turn; here are some of our favourites:

Power Curl


The Power Curl

Shows such as Topshop Unique saw models sashay down the catwalk with 80s-inspired cool-girl curls. Don’t forget your ‘power parting’ with this style; the more extreme, the better.


Power Cross-over

The Power Crossover

Proof that power styles can also be ultra pretty, we fell head-over-heels for the structured crossover looks at Carolina Herrera.


Power Slick

The Power Slick

Wet look hair was everywhere during the SS17 shows. Slicked-back hair screams sexy while giving off a powerful vibe. It’s super easy to recreate, too.


Power Fringe


The Power Fringe

Fringes were short, sharp and fierce this season. It takes guts to chop your fringe to this length – hence this style exudes coolness and strength.


These looks are classic with a modern twist with the bold accents and details. Let your hair represent your confidence and strength with the help of Caralyn’s, your hair experts, and remember…You got the power!

Mid-Length Hair Styles

Hate it or love it, back to school is in full effect which means that the official start to fall is quite close. At this point you’ve already gotten all of your supplies, new clothing and the like. More than likely you’ve also gotten a a new haircut to look your absolute best for the first day.

Both long and short hair can be easier to style once you’re maintaining the amount that you have, but what about those with hair that is in the middle? Here are some great tips for mid-length hair:

Whether you maintain your length or let it flow, Garren (hair expert)says, “Layer it out for more texture and movement, to have rhythm.” When it looks a little roughed-up, he explains, “it’s not so preppy. There’s a sexiness to it. It’s not just hanging.” He especially enjoys the romantic effect it has on light brunettes and dirty blondes.

To overturn a bout of major hair boredom, a crisp set of bangs may be in order. “A fringe that’s above the eyebrows will give [a lob] a more definite look. It’s more domineering,” says Garren. And whether you keep the length, grow it out, or snip it, for a high-impact set of bangs, “you have to have an eyebrow,” he says of the emboldened effect brought out by a substantial set of arches hovering below a horizontal line of hair—an impression that’s doubled by shades of dark brown and high blonde. “A wishy-washy color doesn’t have the [same] message.

Curly heads can stand to lose length, too. Twisted locs or individualized braids will put a signature stamp (and weight) on abbreviated coils. Says Garren, ‘when girls start cutting their hair and making an identity for themselves, that’s sexy.’”

If for whatever reason you haven’t gotten cut/styled yet for the new school year make sure to pay a visit to Caralyn’s, your Ottawa hair styling specialists.

Summer Haircare Tips

Summer vacations. Girl with long hair near the sea

There’s nothing better than summer; beautiful weather, good times with friends and family, barbecues and the list can go on and on. The only problem? It’s not long enough! All that means however is to truly make the most out of the summer season while it’s here.

In order to keep your body properly protected while enjoying the summer sun it’s imperative to wear the proper clothing and to use sunscreen. The hair on your head and scalp also need to be properly protected as well. Here are some great tips to ensure your hair can maintain it’s summer sheen.

Non Color Treated Hair-Prevent and Condition…Before jumping into the pool or ocean, protect your hair. If you don’t have hair color or highlights, the simplest way to do this is to wet your hair. Even just plain tap water will help minimize damage from minerals and chlorine.

Detangle…Whether you have color treated hair or not, be sure to have the tools you will need to Detangle your hair. The very best way to do this is with a Wet Brush. Spritz on a good lightweight conditioning spray and start detangling from the bottom.

Protect your hair every day, even when you are not enjoying outdoor activities. Look for products that are not only Color Safe but also UV safe as well. This is the closest hair products get to providing sunscreen for the hair.’

By visiting Caralyn’s, your Ottawa hair care professional you’ll be able to keep your hair and scalp as healthy as possible, this summer and always.