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How to Care for Your Dyed Hair


Dying your hair is always fun and exciting, as well as a real commitment! The spectrum of colours is just waiting for your hair to embrace, whether you want purple or green, we say do it! You want to be sure once you’ve invested the time and money to get that perfect colour, that it stays properly maintained. That may mean coming in every three months for touch-ups, but there are also many precautions you can take at home to ensure that vibrant colour stays long lasting:

  • Shampoos less. Shampoo can strip the colour and natural oils from the hair. Instead, try to wash your hair between 2-3 times a week. When you do use Shampoo, be sure to purchase the hair colour protection brands.
  • Use less heat on coloured hair when styling, as it is more susceptible to damage. When you do style your hair make sure to use a heat protectant. This also goes for showering; try to rinse your hair with cool water instead of hot.
  • Condition like crazy! Conditioner will lock in the moisture to your treated hair and help retain the colour longer. Before going to bed apply leave-in conditioners as well as applying a deep conditioner mask to your hair weekly.


Follow these simple steps for perfectly vibrant hair between each touch up! At Caralyn’s, you hair experts, we believe in using your hair to express yourself, and absolutely love a fun colour job any day!

Beat the Bed Head

Maybe you just got a fresh new blowout, or spent hours perfectly curling your hair, either way, you want to make sure all that time and effort lasts longer then a day! The number one cause for ruining a hairstyle is by not properly caring for it during the sleepy-time hours. Depending on the look or hair type you have there are different ways you should care for your do’ over night, as well as general tips for sleeping.

  • The first recommendation is purchasing silk pillowcases. Silk pillowcases may seem like an unnecessary luxury, but the improvements it will make on your hair will totally be worth it. Cotton pillowcases can strip moisture from the hair while also causing breakage from hair tangling in the fibers while you toss and turn….Also you will feel super glamorous sleeping on silk.

A side note for silk pillowcases: If you just got a new style done and you want to make it last over night, wrapping your hair loosely in a silk scarf will keep in in tack for the morning after.

  • Condition! This may be a given, but applying leave-in conditioner to your locks over night will ensure smooth, radiant hair in the morning!

If you just got a blowout: Applying a small amount of oil treatment over your hair will keep it’s moisture and ensure sleekness for days to come.

  • Put it up! Leaving your hair free while you sleep can be a recipe for disaster. Properly putting up your hair will save its body and definition. Be wary though, putting it in a pony tail will not do it justice, as you will have elastic indents in the morning. To properly pin up your hair set it up in loose curls atop your head using bobby pins or clips.

Don’t just sleep it off, make sure you care for your hair even during the lights out hours. To get a new hairstyle that is worth the care, come to Caralyn’s, your hair experts, as well as proper hair maintenance products and tips.

Brushing Basics


Portrait of a young woman brushing her hair --- Image by © A. Chederros/Onoky/Corbis


Who would have thought there was a wrong way to brush your hair? Brushing your hair may seem like a daily, trivial part of your beauty routine, but when not done properly, it can lead to some serious long-term hair damage…uh oh. While there are techniques to proper brushing, there are also specified hairbrushes for different types of hair and styling.


When it comes to the actual action of brushing your hair here are steps one should follow:

  • Never brush from room to tip: Detangle the ends first then do smooth brush strokes throughout.
  • Do not brush when wet: Hair is weaker and breaks off easier.
  • Using the wrong brush: Surprise! The wrong brush will have negative effects on your hair due to the different fibres.


That leads us to what kind of brush one should use depending on their hair type:


Wavy or Straight hair: Paddle brushes

Frizzy hair: Ceramic and nylon round brush

Curly hair: Avoid brushes altogether or opt for a wide toothed comb


Know your hair type and know your brush! The proper brush and technique will keep your locks healthy and strong, what else could you ask for? For proper hair care and design, contact Caralyn’s, your hair design experts.

Sweat and Hair Maintenance

Beautiful wet brunette

Sweating is something that everyone does (and is supposed to). It’s a result of the body’s internal cooling system to keep us from over heating whenever body temperature is elevated as a result of exercise, physical activity or otherwise. It’s normal and healthy, but it can sometimes affect the look of your hair.

As we move closer toward summer weather with each passing day the chances of increased temperatures that may have an effect on your hair (and body as a whole) also increases. You may not be able to control Mother Nature, but you can most definitely minimize the effects that her heat and sweat by product causes to your hair. Here are some great tips to sweat proof your hair:

“Stop Messing With It

You know that habit of tousling your hair that pops up when you get nervous? Well, frankly, it’s only making your frizz situation worse, especially as the weather gets ever more sweaty. So for the time being, cut it out.

Fine-Tune Your Shampoo Routine

Are your locks prone to frizz at even the slightest hint of moisture? Then you need to make sure that you’re not doing anything to exacerbate the issue. Step one: recalibrating how often you wash your hair. Shampooing too often will strip your stands of natural oils, making them even more susceptible to sweat-related insanity. On the flip side, not washing enough will leave your hair looking greasy, a sight made only worse by perspiration. So figure out your happy middle ground, and stick to it.

Treat Your Curls Right
When it comes to their hair being affected by moisture, curly maned men unfortunately have it a lot worse than their straight and wavy-haired counterparts. Without the proper attention, perspiration can make a ringlet-filled mop can go from Kit Harington to Carrot Top in an instant.”

Sweat is inevitable so knowing the best way to manage it well help keep your hair looking it’s best. Make sure to visit your Ottawa hair stylist regularly and keep up with hair maintenance in between appointments.

Accessories for Hair Maintenance



In order to keep your hair healthy and looking its best, regular washing is necessary. Your hair type and the amount you have will determine how often you’ll need to wash it in order for it to stay as healthy as possible. Consulting with your Ottawa hairstylist when you go in for a trim or styling, is the best way to determine how frequently you should be cleaning your hair.


In addition to washing and keeping your hair trimmed and styled, another part of maintaining your locks comes in the form of regular combing and/or brushing. “Hair brushes keep the outer layer of the hair smooth and help redistribute oil from the scalp, but they don’t work as well when they’re filled with hair,” said by Dr. Melissa Piliang, a dermatologist specializing in hair loss at the Cleveland Clinic. Since brushing is multi-purpose (improves hair health and the overall look) it’s very to keep your brush as clean as possible. The question is, how often should you clean your brush for optimal brushing? The answer may surprise you. “Dr. Piliang recommends the average person clean their brush every one to two weeks. For those with longer hair, however, she recommends doing this more frequently. And if you use products, a sure sign that it’s time to clean you brush is if you start to see residue form on the bristles. To clean your brush, Dr. Piliang suggests first using a rattail comb or pen or pencil to pull out the hair. If you have a round brush, she recommends using scissors to snip the clumps of hair on both sides, so that they can easily be removed. Then fill a bowl with warm water and mild shampoo before swishing the brush around. When you’re done, place the brush bristle side down and let it dry.”


When brushing remember not to use too much force and also don’t over brush as both of these things can cause damage to the hair and scalp in the long term. Experts suggest that brushing twice daily (once in the morning and once before bed) is enough for most people. The type of brush/comb you use is just as important as how often you brush. “For wet hair, either a wet brush or wide-tooth comb will do the trick. Shelton likes wet brushes because the flexible bristles help detangle while Piliang likes a wide-tooth comb, especially when used with conditioner in the shower, because it pulls the hair less.


If you’re using a blow dryer, Piliang recommends finding a brush with a ceramic or ion center as they help the hair dry faster, giving it less exposure to heat. For everyday use, Shelton is a fan of boar-bristle brushes because they do pull less and smooth more, but admits that these pricier varieties aren’t an absolute necessity.”


Paired with the advice of an expert stylist from Caralyn’s, regular brushing will help keep your hair healthy, neat and under control.