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Mid-Length Hair Styles

Hate it or love it, back to school is in full effect which means that the official start to fall is quite close. At this point you’ve already gotten all of your supplies, new clothing and the like. More than likely you’ve also gotten a a new haircut to look your absolute best for the first day.

Both long and short hair can be easier to style once you’re maintaining the amount that you have, but what about those with hair that is in the middle? Here are some great tips for mid-length hair:

Whether you maintain your length or let it flow, Garren (hair expert)says, “Layer it out for more texture and movement, to have rhythm.” When it looks a little roughed-up, he explains, “it’s not so preppy. There’s a sexiness to it. It’s not just hanging.” He especially enjoys the romantic effect it has on light brunettes and dirty blondes.

To overturn a bout of major hair boredom, a crisp set of bangs may be in order. “A fringe that’s above the eyebrows will give [a lob] a more definite look. It’s more domineering,” says Garren. And whether you keep the length, grow it out, or snip it, for a high-impact set of bangs, “you have to have an eyebrow,” he says of the emboldened effect brought out by a substantial set of arches hovering below a horizontal line of hair—an impression that’s doubled by shades of dark brown and high blonde. “A wishy-washy color doesn’t have the [same] message.

Curly heads can stand to lose length, too. Twisted locs or individualized braids will put a signature stamp (and weight) on abbreviated coils. Says Garren, ‘when girls start cutting their hair and making an identity for themselves, that’s sexy.’”

If for whatever reason you haven’t gotten cut/styled yet for the new school year make sure to pay a visit to Caralyn’s, your Ottawa hair styling specialists.