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How to Care for Your Dyed Hair


Dying your hair is always fun and exciting, as well as a real commitment! The spectrum of colours is just waiting for your hair to embrace, whether you want purple or green, we say do it! You want to be sure once you’ve invested the time and money to get that perfect colour, that it stays properly maintained. That may mean coming in every three months for touch-ups, but there are also many precautions you can take at home to ensure that vibrant colour stays long lasting:

  • Shampoos less. Shampoo can strip the colour and natural oils from the hair. Instead, try to wash your hair between 2-3 times a week. When you do use Shampoo, be sure to purchase the hair colour protection brands.
  • Use less heat on coloured hair when styling, as it is more susceptible to damage. When you do style your hair make sure to use a heat protectant. This also goes for showering; try to rinse your hair with cool water instead of hot.
  • Condition like crazy! Conditioner will lock in the moisture to your treated hair and help retain the colour longer. Before going to bed apply leave-in conditioners as well as applying a deep conditioner mask to your hair weekly.


Follow these simple steps for perfectly vibrant hair between each touch up! At Caralyn’s, you hair experts, we believe in using your hair to express yourself, and absolutely love a fun colour job any day!

Maintaining Professionally Applied Hair Colour


No matter what it is, it’s all about the maintenance. Whether it’s achieving a certain level of financial success or something as simple as keeping your desk clean, it’s all about how you maintain things to keep it looking and working in the best way possible.

When it comes to getting your hair professionally coloured at an Ottawa hair salon, there are a few things that should be done afterwards in order to maintain the vibrancy of the acquired colour for as long as possible.

Ask questions – Don’t be shy during your appointment. Ask your stylist for advice on upkeep and product suggestions.

Pick the right products for after care – This is the most crucial part about maintaining the longevity and vibrancy of your color. You want to use a shampoo that is created especially for color-treated hair.

Scale back on shampooing – Now that you have the right products to use, you won’t have to shampoo as often. Washing your hair less frequently is the easiest way to maintain color.

Keep it cool – Cold water is better for hair in general but it is especially necessary for color-treated hair.

Maximize moisture – Colour treated hair is more porous than untreated hair which means which means it absorbs and dispels moisture more easily. If you’re the type to skip conditioner, break that habit asap!”

For the best in hair styling, colouring and maintenance expertise make sure to visit Caralyn’s, Ottawa’s hair design professional.