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Tips for A Good Hair Day

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The way in which any given day goes is up to you. It may not seem that way as absolutely anything (both good and bad) can happen, but ultimately it all boils down to how you perceive what is happening to you and also how you decide to act based on that perceived information. Your hair however can be managed a bit more easily.

The way that someone would define having a ‘good hair day’ can vary based on hair type and exactly what a particular individual views as ‘good’. Here are some tips that are pretty much universal for helping you to achieve the best hair for the day and beyond.

Smooth moves.
The secret to hair as sleek as an otter’s is to avoid tangles at all costs. Conditioning your ends is a good start, as is going over the hair with paddle brush.

Get hands-on.
Sometimes, effective styling is as simple as a quick comb-through with your fingers. Always try to detangle with your fingers first. If you need a little more help, use a wide-tooth comb. As a bonus, ditching the brush is a total time-saver in the morning — buying you a few extra minutes to snooze.

Hydrate for health.
When caring for extra-dry or natural hair textures, always think in terms of hydration. Natural hair tends to be dryer than other textures. Avoid sulfate-laden shampoos that strip hair, and reduce the frequency of washes. Shampooing natural hair too frequently strips it of its natural oils and causes it to appear dry.”

These tips will help you achieve the best hair day, but make sure to regularly visit your Ottawa hair stylist to ensure you have good and great hair months and years!