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Hairstyles for Autumn Weddings


Autumn tends to be a favourite month for many (and for good reason): the weather is usually comfortably cool and the changing of the colour of the leaves is a true treat for the eyes. It is also a great time for weddings as the beautiful yellow, orange, red and brown make for beautiful backdrops for photos.

Summer weddings are always beautiful (as long as mother nature decides to cooperate with you on your big day) but Fall weddings have been steadily gaining in popularity over time. The dip in temperature can sometimes create challenges that wouldn’t necessarily exist during the summer, but also new opportunities that may not have been possible during the summer as well. The fall months are also a great time to try out some special hairstyles for the big day. Some of those styles in question include:

Bride/Bridesmaid updo – traditional updo style, but with some added flare from braiding parts of the hair.

Half up/half down style – this style includes a double braid and is a great choice for the cooler months as it provides the neck with some added warmth.

Floral hairpiece/hair clips– adding a floral hairpiece/hair clip not only looks great, but it helps ensure that everything stays in place, especially if it happens to be a windy day.

There are many other styles of which to choose from and it’s important to consider such factors as current length of hair and particular styles options that you think would best compliment you and your wedding attire. A consultation with your Ottawa hair stylist will ensure that you are able to get the right style for your big day.