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Dry Shampoo and Your Hair



In order to properly maintain anything, you need to pay close attention and give it the love it needs. When it comes to your hair, it’s no different. To promote the healthiest scalp and better hair growth, keeping your properly and regularly cleaned is a must. Shampooing and conditioning your hair and scalp regularly is the best way to achieve this, however too much shampooing can end up doing more harm than good at times as it may dry out the hair. Solution? Enter dry shampoo. Typically an aerosol product, dry shampoo offers a way to cleanse and de-grease the hair without the use of water. This means that in between regular shampooing a dry shampoo can be applied to help keep your hair clean.


Dry shampoos seemed to be the answer to many peoples’ prayers, for a while. Some research is now showing that certain dry shampoos may actually have a negative effect on the hair. “Many experts are coming out with facts and arguments that may make you rethink your dry-shampoo addiction. Why? It turns out that the cult product can temporarily dull your hair color, cause undesirable buildup, and even affect your scalp health when used in excess. Just because your hair looks good doesn’t mean the cause is necessarily a good thing, though, and Dr. Fusco reminds us that regular cleansing is important for the health of the scalp. ‘When you’re cleansing, you’re removing dead skin, germs, and bacteria,’ she says. ‘You’re exfoliating [your scalp], and it’s healthier when you exfoliate. When you’re using dry shampoo every day, it builds up, and it eventually dulls the hair.’”


If you are curious about dry shampoos and would like to give it a try make sure you do your research. Firstly read up on the most popular brands and whether or not there are any harmful side effects. Secondly, contact your Ottawa hairstylist and find out if trying out a dry shampoo is a good idea for your hair type and a good idea in general. They will be able to help you determine whether or not to pursue it.