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Wet vs. Dry Haircuts

Woman getting a haircut

When you take pride in your look and individual unique style, going to the hair salon for regular trims/maintenance an essential part of crafting your look. For the most part the experience at the salon is usually the same (or should be) when it comes to how you are treated and the attention they give your hair. However, when it comes to techniques of individual stylists, things can vary which is a good thing because it creates the possibility of many different hair style creations.

There are of course the main techniques that all hairstylists are taught when they go through their initial schooling, but the different techniques that a stylist can develop over time can help them create new styles to the benefit of their clients. A particular styling type that is gaining steam in the hair industry is dry cutting. “Dry cuts create a more individual look,” says Javier of the lesser-used practice that bypasses the washing and blow-drying process common to most salons. When you cut wet hair it becomes more of a technical thing. When you do it dry, you can see what you need to change. You can see the texture. And it’s not as time-consuming. Offering dry cuts allows me to open the salon up to more people; I realized I’d been missing out on some of the young, cool, inspiring women out there. The method makes for a perfect low-maintenance option for spring, according to Javier. “You might blow-dry it if you’re going to an event,” he says, “but two days later, it’ll still have a certain ease.””

Seeing as how Spring is now upon us, this may be the time to try out a dry cut. Consult with your Ottawa hair salon and find out if a dry cut is the right move for your hair.