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Curly Hair Chronicles


First and foremost it’s important to know that every hair type is unique and beautiful. The hair you have is special to you and helps you stand out as an individual, so embrace it and be proud of it! This doesn’t mean that your hair is going to always be manageable however, especially if your hair is curly.

Here are some facts about curly hair that people with curly will understand, and those without may find rather interesting.

Bangs will become short curls

If you have curly hair and you’re sporting bangs, you’re definitely a brave soul. Curly hair is relentless, and will turn into ringlets no matter the length or thickness of your mane. Yep, those bangs are probably going to curl no matter what.

Always a different look

One of the major blessings and curses of having curly hair is that your mane will never look the same two days in a row. One moment, it will be frizzy beyond belief. The next you’ll experience the best hair day you’ve ever had. Life’s an adventure when you have curly hair, y’all.

Curls dry in opposite directions

You would think that ringlets would all curl in the same direction, but it’s not that easy. Your curls will likely form in whichever direction they see fit. And sometimes, that’s in all directions. Waking up with a style of curls that you’ve never seen on your head before is a totally normal occurrence.

Straightening doesn’t do much for long

If you have a curly mane, you’re likely going to need to set aside at least an hour or two just to straighten your hair. But even after straightening it, there’s no doubt it’ll get curly again regardless. No matter how fabulous your locks look when sleek, your strands will curl when next exposed to a drop of moisture. It’s just the way of the world.”

To keep your curls always looking their best make sure to visit your Ottawa hairstylist.