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Hairstylist to the Stars Hair Tips


Celebrities are human beings just like the rest of us, but for some reason we continually raise them up and treat them as if they are superhuman beings. We are constantly obsessed with everything they say, do and how they look. When it comes to how they look, we tend to focus on their particular style and how they came to look the way they do.

The hairstylists that have celebrity clientele are held to a particularly high level as they are responsible for creating and maintaining looks that in some cases are helping to shape popular trends and culture. Here are some specific tips from celebrity hairstylist Neil Weisberg (has styled the hair of Charlize Theron) that are key to achieving a similar style to your favourite celebrity:

“Hair vitamins, they’re great for overall health including length retention, protecting against split ends and improving shine.
Regular trimming is always the key, split ends tend to travel up the hair strand and create more damage. Ever other colour service is a good reminder.
Hair oil, a drop on the scalp and the ends every night will help with dryness. It’s great when brushed through to help distribution.”

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