Trapeze: Non Surgical Hair Replacement for Women Suffering from Hair Loss


Women Lose their hair to.



We often hear about hair loss in men, but seldom do we hear about women’s hair loss- even though an increasing amount of women face hair thinning or hair loss problems.



There are many causes of hair loss for women such as hormonal changes , stress, anxiety , autoimmune reactions – just to name a few.



We understand that hair loss can effect a woman’s confidence and self esteem and may even cause you to feel overwhelmed.


We care about your hair loss.


Our specialists are trained to work with each individual and assess the best hair replacement option for you. We will guide you through the process of helping you select the hair choose a hair replacement (hair style and hair type) to enhance critical areas and preserve the existing hair.



Contact us today for a free consultation , and discover first hand all we have to offer.