Hair Loss Prevention & Scalp Therapy Program

We believe it is important to be proactive and develop good habits towards care for your hair and scalp health; even when hair loss is not an issue.

The Head First program combines cabin treatments, laser therapy and home treatments that work in synergy to treat scalp ailments and reverse or stop the progression of your hair loss.

Our Heads First Program is based on the science of Trichology. Once you make the decision to go forward with a prevention program our specialist will work with you to create a personalized treatment plan.

Hair & Scalp Analysis

Using a micro camera our specialist can do a complete capillary assessment by looking at the scalp with a magnification of 200 times. While looking at the scalp we are able to take pictures and pre-determine scalp ailments or causes of hair loss.

To complete the scalp diagnostic a residue treatment follows the initial analysis. A residue treatment will remove all residues, silicones, polymers and co-polymers found in products that we use. After this treatment we will have a comparison to create a personalized treatment plan; combining in home care, in salon treatments and lasers that work in synergy to stop or reverse scalp ailments or hair loss.