Cancer & Hair Loss

Among persons undergoing chemotherapy and radiotherapy, the activity of the sebaceous glands and the papilla are diminished due to the treatments. It is, therefore, necessary to preserve the activity of the sebaceous glands in order to prevent the papilla from shriveling up and preventing the maturing of new hair during this period.

Recommendations of Products:


This care kit is specifically designed to offer renewed well-being to those who have lost their hair following chemotherapy or cranial radiation therapy. All products in this kit are unscented.


The care kit includes 2 shampoos (250 ml) and 2 lotions (90 ml)


Vitascalp Shampoo: ( Hair Cycle Regulating Shampoo)  Contains a specific complex of natural ingredients with milk protein, amino acids and vitamin B6. It is specifially designed to cleanse without irritating and purifies the scalp in order to regulate the hair cycle, during and after treatments.


Hydrascalp Shampoo: ( Scalp Moisturizing Shampoo) Formulated with a superior moisturizing complex containing soy beans, constarch and sweet almond oil. It bring moisture and suppleness to your scalp to soothe the irritation and itchiness caused by treatments.


Hydrasclp Lotion: ( Moisturizing Concentrate) To be used during and after treatment periods. Used in combination with Hydrascalp Shampoo, it provides superior moisturization for you scalp while reducing irritation and itchiness.


Vitascalp Lotion: ( Stimulating Concentrate) This product is rich in amino acids and vitamin B6 contributing to tone your capillary functions.


After all treatments are finished we invite you back for a Moisturizing Scalp Treatment. This in salon treatment revitalizes the scalp, infusing the hair shaft and follicles with proteins and nutrients that are needed to grow healthy hair. During this treatment we will stimulate the hair follicles and dilate the funnels to aid in new hair growth.