Causes of Hair Loss

There are many causes of hair loss. Impact of chemicals, poisons, drugs and infections can cause temporary or permanent hair loss. Cancer and chemotherapy, hormonal disorders, oral contraceptives and pregnancy can also cause hair loss. Even overly forceful brushing or the compulsive pulling of one’s hair can cause significant hair loss.

Stress can trigger hair loss whether people are predestined to lose hair or not. The stress experienced must be quite severe before it leads to hair loss (for example, death of family member, major surgery, or major illness).

None of the various forms of hair loss are medically disabling. Except for those undergoing cancer treatment, individuals with hair loss are in good health. There is no need to curtail activities or expectations. But emotionally, these diseases can be very challenging. Particularly if one is experiencing extensive hair loss. This emotional pain can be overcome with support from professionals, family and friends. Learn all you can about the disease. Draw on your inner strength. Regain your self-confidence and positive self-image.

In all but the mildest of hair loss cases, a hair replacement strategy is usually essential in coping with the debilitating impact on one’s emotional well-being. There is a full range of surgical and non surgical options from Microfollicular Hair Transplants to custom wigs and hair replacement systems that could be considered. Choose one that will restore your self-confidence, that will promote a positive self-image and that you can afford.

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