About Alopecia

Alopecia means loss of hair from the head or body. There are several types of Alopecia; our staff has working with men, woman and children suffering from Alopecia for over 17 years. The information provided is a basic outline of the most common forms of Alopecia; please contact us if you have questions or would like more information on the solutions available.


Androgenetic Alopecia (also referred to as male pattern baldness) is a common form of hair loss in men and women. Androgenetic Alopecia is caused by the androgen hormone (DHT) and is tightly linked to one’s genetic history.


When found in men there is a well defined pattern beginning at both of the temples and thinning at the crown. Women however do not always follow this classic pattern but the hair will recede and thin throughout the scalp.


Alopecia Areata is when hair is lost from some areas on the scalp or body. In most cases it begins with hair loss in small round patches and can become more extensive and progress over the scalp. Alopecia Areata is an autoimmune disease; our immune system is meant to fight off viruses and disease yet mistakenly attacks the hair follicles.


Alopecia Totalis refers to the total loss of hair on the head. The causes are still unclear yet researchers still believe it could be an autoimmune disease.


Our specialists are available to answer any questions and recommend a hair loss solution program for you based on your lifestyle and needs. Please contact us today to book a free consultation.