Hair Loss Awareness Month

Hair Loss Awareness Month is a nationwide annual public information campaign, aimed at educating Canadians about hair loss and capillary health.

Let’s talk about hair loss!

We believe that, for far too long, Canadians suffering from hair loss have lived in the shadows. Even now, hair loss remains a taboo subject and the preventive and corrective measures are still misunderstood – even with all the technological advances in the field. Consumers have difficulty finding solutions, understanding why they are losing their hair and choosing the best solution for their specific condition. Should it be preventive or corrective, or a combination of both? Very few people suffering from hair loss ask for help or have confidence in currently available solutions, forcing them to live with the related psychological distress and loss of self-confidence.

The objective of Hair Loss Awareness month is to demystify the causes, the myths and the emotional and social consequences of hair loss, and to present options available to those coping with it. The campaign also aims to fight harmful prejudices and taboos regarding hair loss, while promoting the benefits of prevention, diagnosis and medical or other types of hair loss treatment with healthcare professionals.

The general public, media and health care professionals are invited to visit the site, that presents a whole range of pertinent information about hair loss.