Give your Scalp some TLC



Going to the the root of anything is usually where you will find the answer to any question you may have about something. When it comes to hair, the root is literally and figuratively the place where hair issues begin and can be solved. The scalp is the where hair roots call home and play a large role in overall hair growth and development.


Hair can definitely put the scalp through the ringer and definitely needs to get some attention. A dermatologist named Dr. Nussbaum has stated some of the important things regarding the scalp that people should be aware of. “’The drier your hair, the less you should wash, but I do recommend shampooing once or twice a week to cleanse the scalp and alleviate product buildup,’ she says. Also, while you’re in the shower, give yourself a gentle scalp massage for about 10 minutes. Dr. Nussbaum says this will loosen skin flakes, product residue, and natural oils, and increase blood flow to the scalp to help promote new hair growth.”


Consuming the right amount of water daily, as well as not styling your hair too tightly or using harsh/abrasive chemicals, can also have a large impact on your scalp and overall hair and hair growth development. When you find the right Ottawa hairstylist that is able to help you achieve new and unique styles that help reflect your personality, make sure that they are also giving your scalp the necessary love it needs to help stimulate new hair growth and promote the healthiest head of hair possible.