Angel Hair for Kids Fundraiser SUCCESS!

 Melanie contacted us wanting to give back. She had been growing her hair for quite some time and decided she wanted to donate it. During her research she realized that most of the foundations were American .









Melanie works for the public service and every year they encourage their employees to donate to a charitable cause, Melanie wanted to bring awareness to this cause.






"ready to donate"



We met with Melanie one afternoon downtown at Starbucks and discussed her “vision”. She wanted to have her head shaved in front of all her co workers and raise money for her hair donation in Ottawa.


… A few months later the event happened and we all gathered downtown for a wonderful experience …. That day we cut 13.5 inches of beautiful long brown hair.


Melanie also raised $730.00 for her hair donation .  




We are so happy to have helped Melanie with this wonderful donation. If you or anyone you know would like to set up a hair donation in Ottawa please contact us at 613-224-7206.  We would be happy to provide all the details on how we can help make your fundraiser a success!