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Hair Donation Ottawa 2017

We are so excited to be a part of the 7th annual hair donation event at Algonquin College! Every year Hair Donation Ottawa helps the lives of children dealing with illness-related hair loss, by giving them a renewed sense of hope and belonging . Hair Donation Ottawa is a 100% not-for-profit organization that that supports Cancer Research in Ottawa, as well as providing wigs and head scarves to children dealing with hair loss.


This weekend come by Algonquin college if you are willing to donate 6+ inches of hair in support of Canadian Cancer research. When donating your hair, you will receive a cut, wash and style from Caralyn’s hair team to thank you for your amazing contribution to a great cause.


This is an amazing organization that helps the lives of children everywhere by providing hair treatment options for financially disabled families dealing with horrible illnesses. Create a GLOBAL impact this weekend, by registering as a hair donor and becoming a part of Canadian Cancer research!

How Festival Looks Will Inspire Your Summer

Top-Knot Buns

Braided Parts

I think it’s safe to say festival season can bring out the wackiest trends out of hiding, for both fashion and hair. On the other hand, this is one of the leading sources of inspiration for cool, chic summer hairstyles. Let’s check out which festival do’s are going to be making appearances this season:


Club Kid Buns: Everywhere you looked this festival season, were the funky top-knot buns! There were so many variations of the top-knot such as pigtails and Princess Leia buns. This look wins for best festival hairstyle…it’s cute and practical to dance the night away plus keep cool in the heat!


Bedazzled Hair Parts: Who just parts their hair anymore? No way…Nowadays the hair part is just an extra opportunity to get creative! Festival hairstyles shown glittered & braided parts, adding that detail to a hairstyle.


Colours of the Rainbow: Colours everywhere! From the looks of it, the pastel hues are here to stay. Hairstyles showed bits and pieces of coloured locks in pinks and blue hues, twisted into buns or ponytails. Some people even went full on colour with a wig, such as Kylie Jenner at Coachella and her rockin’ green look.


While we may not be sporting these crazy styles everyday, we can certainly take bits and pieces into our every day look to stand out this coming season! Here at Caralyn’s, we love an awesome colour job or a hair style to challenge us and let us work out our creativity! For your summer look, come to Caralyn’s, your hair experts.

Synthetic or Real Hair Wigs?



We are big wig lovers! Wigs can change and enhance your look as much as you want, as well as provide confidence and self-esteem to anyone who’s in need! At Caralyn’s, we provide both synthetic and real hair wings, as well as styling and maintenance recommendations. If you are having trouble deciding which type is best for you, we provided a list of pros and cons for each:


Synthetic Wigs



1) Holds style. Whether it gets wet, or it’s humid outside, those curls or bounce will stay!

2) Relatively low cost, meaning more options to buy more then one!

3) Easy maintenance, synthetic wigs requires very little daily care.



1) High shine, which can look slightly unnatural.

2) Cannot change style or colour, since the fibres do not react well to heat or dye.

3) They do not last as long as human wigs.


Real Hair Wig



1) You can style with heated hair tools, allowing you to change up the style daily.

2) Very realistic looking!

3) Versatility in colour, since dying the wig is no problem.

4) Last much longer then any other type of wig.



1) Cost, real hair wigs are much higher in price.

2) High maintenance. Like real hair, the hair has to be styled, washed and conditioned often.

3) Delicate. Again, like real hair, you have to be careful with heat resistant spray and not damage the ends. 


Wigs can change the lives of people for the better! Do your research before you invest in a wig, each will have different needs to suit each person and their personal schedule and abilities. For your wig needs, purchasing, styling and maintenance contact Caralyn’s, your hair experts!