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Holiday Hairstyles


The holidays are literally right around the corner, amazing how time flies, isn’t it? Besides finishing gift shopping (or just starting) another thing which people have to think about are the parties they will be attending during the season, which means looking the part.

Since hair plays an important part of one’s overall look, we thought it best to provide some holiday hairstyle inspiration. Here are some styles to consider this season.

‘The Side Mussy ‘Do

Mussy side buns are also popular, but your hair needs texture to get the mussy look.

Create texture with lots of dry shampoo. You can also back comb hair so it get big, big, big.
Work with hair that’s not been freshly washed so it doesn’t slip around on you.
Pull hair into a ponytail holder on the side.
Backcomb the ponytail so it maintains it’s texture.
Wrap the fat ponytail into a loose bun and secure with pins.
Spray hairspray on hair so it holds.

Bombshell Curls

Great if you have long hair with layers.

Make sure to wind the hair around the brush to get big waves. Or, you can use fat curlers to achieve a similar affect.
Make sure to part hair in the center and finish off your look with hairspray so it stays.’

Let us here at Caralyn’s your Ottawa hair design specialists help you achieve these looks and more in order to get the right holiday hair.

Top Styles for Grey Haired Gentlemen


Everyone’s hair is different; some have thicker more fuller locks, while others may have hair which is a bit thinner. In either case it’s more so about how you take care of the hair you have (meaning consulting with your Ottawa hair design professional and determining the best way to keep it as healthy as possible).

Grey hair is another category of which people’s follicles are placed into, but it doesn’t have to be a symbol of advanced age as it once was. Grey hair can occur at any age and should be embraced and carried proudly. I’m sure there are some that may disagree with that, but just know that grey is here to stay! But like any other hair type, proper styling will help to achieve a desired look. Here are some great hairstyles for the grey haired gentleman who wants to look his best:

The Classic Side Part

A classic chop, regardless of whether your hair is dark as night or white as new-fallen snow, the side-part can work for any guy, regardless of age.

The Short Chop

Just because you’re older, doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun — especially if your locks are thinning. In fact, for guys whose once-thick hair has now started to scatter, adding a touch of playful choppy texture to a shorter cut can actually make a mane look fuller.

The Messy Sweep

Some guys like to embrace the dad vibes that grey hair inherently gives off. Others, well, they’d rather not. If you fall into the latter camp, then a head full of messed-up locks might be for you. The key here? Once again, texture. But this time, also length and a light styling cream. Taken all together, you’ll get a mop that’s both roguish and dignified, just like the man growing it.’

Regardless of the style you decide upon, always love your locks and choose a design that serves to enhance your own unique and personal style.

What your Hairstylist Wants You to Know


When it comes to businesses and their respective consumers, the ways in which each particular group thinks can vary, which can sometimes cause challenges between the groups. In order to facilitate the best type of communication and get everyone on the same page, it’s nice to know how the other group thinks and try to do things with their perspective in mind.

When it comes to the world of hair styling and design, what a client wants and the final product they receive can vary greatly because of many factors. If a client brought in an image of their favourite celebrity’s hairstyle that they wanted replicated for them, they may not be happy with the end result due to differences in face shape, hair texture, etc.. The stylist would then have to create a variation of that style that would best suit the client in order to create a styled look that works.

Here are some other things (straight from different stylists themselves) about different things which can occur in the salon:

“Is texting during a hair appointment okay?

Tran: I personally don’t mind texting!

Abrio: Being on the phone texting during an appointment is such a common thing now. I think if you’re in the middle of a conversation, it’s rude, but if it’s not affecting the stylist and their work, it’s fine.

Stenson: If the client is the one texting, my policy is that it’s his/her time to do with what they will—as long as it doesn’t interfere with the cutting/styling process.

Monzon: Texting and cell phone usage has changed the way hairdressers work. Timing is important. For example, if you’re getting color applied, most likely it’s fine. If you’re getting a sharp, one-length haircut where the balance is important, then it’s definitely not a good time to be chatting or texting. But being in the salon, you should use the time to unplug, relax, and enjoy the experience of being taken care of.

What should a client do if they are unhappy with your cut or style?

Tran: It differs from person to person and how big of a change they are making, but telling me immediately so I can fix the problem is usually best.

Abrio: If a client is unhappy with their service they should definitely speak up. Even if a client calls up two weeks later, they should feel comfortable calling and speaking up. Trust me, we’d rather make you happy than lose you as a client… most of the time.

Stenson: If clients aren’t happy, I’d advise them to speak up immediately so the issue can be resolved. Clients should never leave the salon unhappy.

Monzon: A client being unhappy is a very unfortunate situation; this is why references and inspiration pictures are very important. Also being very upfront about the past history of your hair is very, very important, especially when it comes to chemical services.”

Ultimately the most important thing is for both parties to be mindful of each other in order to facilitate the best experience possible.

Headphone Hair


Most people have heard (and experienced) hat head/hair; when after wearing a hat for a prolonged period of time, the way that your hair was initially styled becomes altered and sometimes frayed and erratic looking. It’s something that is common and can be easily fixed for the most part, once the hat is removed. But, what about headphone hair? Wearing over the head style headphones have been proven to cause similar issues.

However, there is hope. Rather than having to fix your hair after you take off headphone, what about creating and wearing a style that works with them and facilitates form and function. A certain stylist did just that. “Often, headphones can mess with your hair-they can make it flat or tangled, like actual bedhead… so when Beats by Dre said, “Can you collaborate with us on this?” I thought, “Well, I’m always telling people to make their hair work for them, to use its natural form as an advantage… Why aren’t we making our headphones work for our hair? It can’t be that hard.” And it isn’t. That’s the good news.”

And for earbud headphones, there’s a style for that too!

“A braid holds the best, and even if you don’t know how to do a complicated braid, you probably learned how to do the classic three-strand braid just by playing with your Barbies. And now that we’re moving more towards wireless [headphones], just tucking the [wire] behind your braid seems like the easiest option for sure, because they won’t get in the way.”

You can see some of these headphone wearing hairstyles being created here. To get something similar for yourself, make sure to consult with your Ottawa hair specialist!