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All About Mousse


Mousse is not only an amazingly delicious dessert, but it’s something that when used correctly can provide your hair with added texture and volume. However, there are some who are not using it properly as a maintenance tactic after they’ve visited an Ottawa hair salon. When you don’t use something effectively regardless of what it is, you may end up doing more harm than good.

When it comes to the application of mousse to your hair, the approach of ‘less is more’ is very important to remember. More mousse doesn’t necessarily mean a more effective hold. When used properly it can definitely be used everyday to help add volume to the hair.

Here are some important things to consider when it comes to establishing and maintaining a mousse regiment for your hair:

Use It to Prolong a Hairstyle: “Mousse should be applied to wet hair after you shower,” spilled the pro. Why? It’s the type of product that creates a memory and holds your style in place for days at a time. Translation: Less time in front of the mirror per week for you.

Where You Apply It Matters: A cardinal sin of using mousse (or any product, really) is applying it directly to your roots, which makes hair greasy and heavy. “Start from the underside [close to the nape of your neck] and work your way down toward the roots,” then move up toward the front of your head as you go, advised the expert. In addition to not plopping a glob on the top of your head, remember this: Less is more. “Start with a little—a palm-sized amount—and add as you go,” shared the expert.

You Can Use It for Most Styles: “I use mousse for all of my styles—from tousled undone waves to polished blowouts and braids,” shared John D. The ultra-light product lends itself to most hair textures, particularly those in the thin to medium category. Not to mention, it’ll help control hair without flattening out volume. “Don’t be afraid to try it in your styling routine—the price point is affordable and, besides, practice makes perfect,” encouraged the pro.’

In order to have the healthiest and most beautiful hair possible, consult with your Ottawa hair stylist at Caralyn’s during your next visit, to get helpful tips and tricks to maintain your hair between visits.

Red Hair and Why you Should Care


Each strand of hair that a person has is a direct reflection and connection to that particular individual, on a DNA molecular level. The colour and type of hair one has goes beyond just looks but actually can sometimes have a deeper meaning and require extra special care and attention.

“People with red hair have a different type of melanin than people who don’t have red hair – and the type of melanin that redheads have is less able to protect them from the sun. Red hair, fair skin and a sensitivity to the sun are down to variations in a gene called MC1R that affects the production of pigments, called melanins, in the skin.The scientists say the findings suggests people with just one copy of the gene might be more susceptible to the damaging effects of sunlight than previously thought.”

What this means is that those who are in the fairer haired category need to make sure to take extra precautions in keeping both their hair and skin properly protected. Consult with both your medical practitioner and Ottawa hair stylist to determine the best way to keep your hair and skin as healthy and beautiful as it can possibly be.

Everyday Activities that can Lead to Hair Loss


Everyone wants to have a thick, full and luxurious lock filled head of hair, but it seems to be easier to achieve and maintain for some over others. Some of it has to do with your DNA and some of it has to do with your regular hair maintenance techniques. However, sometimes the things that you do on a daily basis that you felt were completely unrelated to your hair are a lot more connected than you think.

Here are some things that you may currently be doing that could be contributing to hair loss.

Heat styling wet hair. “If you have your hair wet and you [apply a hot tool], bubbles can occur within the hair shaft,” Dr. Shapiro said. Air fills the hair shaft in multiple spots, leading to the bubble effect, and the hair can look dry or even get patchy on the scalp.

Enduring stress over an extended period of time. I’m not talking about a busy week or a bad day, but an event that might cause more long-term stress, such as a breakup, a trauma, or career movement. “Cortisol can impact shedding or loss,” Phillips said. “Not only that, when stress is higher, we don’t make the best nutritional choices and we don’t absorb nutrients as well either.”

Taking birth control. Hormonal contraceptives can contribute to hair loss depending on the type of contraceptive and your unique response to it. The hair loss is typically temporary, but, according to Dr. Shapiro, “If you have a predilection toward hair loss, such as a family history, you may lose some hair permanently.”

Going on a juice cleanse. Phillips frequently sees clients who, in the two to three months prior to experiencing hair loss, went on an elimination diet like a juice cleanse or a detox. They won’t lose hair during the diet but will notice it weeks after it’s over. “If there’s a caloric restriction, then the variety of nutrients narrows,” Phillips said. “The system’s response is to cut off or lessen the supply of energy to hair, which the body considers a non-essential tissue.” The hair loss that occurs in response to nutrient deficiencies is usually temporary and there isn’t any damage to the hair follicles.’

It’s important to know that these factors just represent a small portion of potential hair loss. In order to know why you may be experiencing certain hair loss consult with a medical practitioner and your Ottawa hair care specialist.

Summer Haircare Tips

Summer vacations. Girl with long hair near the sea

There’s nothing better than summer; beautiful weather, good times with friends and family, barbecues and the list can go on and on. The only problem? It’s not long enough! All that means however is to truly make the most out of the summer season while it’s here.

In order to keep your body properly protected while enjoying the summer sun it’s imperative to wear the proper clothing and to use sunscreen. The hair on your head and scalp also need to be properly protected as well. Here are some great tips to ensure your hair can maintain it’s summer sheen.

Non Color Treated Hair-Prevent and Condition…Before jumping into the pool or ocean, protect your hair. If you don’t have hair color or highlights, the simplest way to do this is to wet your hair. Even just plain tap water will help minimize damage from minerals and chlorine.

Detangle…Whether you have color treated hair or not, be sure to have the tools you will need to Detangle your hair. The very best way to do this is with a Wet Brush. Spritz on a good lightweight conditioning spray and start detangling from the bottom.

Protect your hair every day, even when you are not enjoying outdoor activities. Look for products that are not only Color Safe but also UV safe as well. This is the closest hair products get to providing sunscreen for the hair.’

By visiting Caralyn’s, your Ottawa hair care professional you’ll be able to keep your hair and scalp as healthy as possible, this summer and always.