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Tips For The Best Hair Growth


As children the one thing we can’t wait to do is grow up in order to be able to do more and have greater control over you life.However, the older one gets the more apparent it becomes that children are the ones that truly have it made! It’s important to enjoy your youth and live every day to the fullest.

For most people, the hair on your head is a part of the body where rapid growth is always welcome. Here are some great tips that will help stimulate more healthy hair growth.

“Brush your hair with care
Constant brushing can cause physical harm to your hair.When you detangle wet hair, be sure to start from the bottom and work your way up.

Flip your hair upside down
This is one of the most popular tricks to promote faster hair growth. Just flip your hair upside down, brush full strokes slowly several times with a wide tooth comb. It is believed to work by improving circulation.

Massage your scalp
Massaging promotes blood flow to the scalp, which in turn stimulates the hair follicles. In addition, deep condition your hair once a week with a hot oil treatment or deep conditioning hair mask. Massage the scalp to stimulate the roots to grow.

Trimming it
Although getting regular trims to snip splits won’t make your hair actually grow faster, it will keep tips looking healthy and prevent splits from working their way up strands, requiring you to chop hair off more often. You should get a hairdresser to chop up to an inch off your hair every 10-12 weeks to prevent split ends.”

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Graduation Hairstyles


It’s that time of year again! The weather is beautiful, the birds are chirping and for many students they have reached the end of their scholastic journey and are ready to embark on the next step into the workforce.

Graduation is a great time to celebrate your educational achievements with your fellow students, educators, friends and family, but it is also a time when there are many eyes on you, so it’s important to look your best. Here are some great graduation hairstyles to consider before your big day arrives:

“Slicked Back

Folks with very short hair can rock a stunning, sleek style. Just make sure your gel dries first.

Indie Hairstyles

If you’re looking for something a little different that showcases your unique, indie style there’s an array of sweet styles that’ll help you stand out from the crowd.

Textured Tresses

There’s no need to worry about your hair going flat under your cap when you’re rocking a textured style.”

The type of hair you have (thickness, length, etc.) will help further determine what style would look best for you, with your graduation cap in tow. Make sure to consult with your Ottawa hairstylist to achieve the perfect look for your graduation achievement.

Hair Porosity


The more you know, the more you grow..literally! When it comes to your locks, the porosity of one’s hair (essentially how well it’s able to absorb moisture) plays a large role in the overall health of the hair and scalp. If you are someone with naturally curly hair, awareness of the porosity is of even greater importance as curly hair usually requires the most moisture to maintain it’s look.

“There are three porosity types: low, medium, and high. Typically, hair with high porosity is prone to damage, breakage, and gaps. This allows the hair to absorb moisture quickly but also release it just as fast. Low-porosity hair, on the other hand, has a tendency to be on the stubborn side. This type experiences buildup, and has trouble retaining moisture and absorbing natural oils. Basically, products sit on the hair, and your tresses take a longer time than normal to dry. It might look healthy on the outside, but it lacks in the elasticity and volume department. Strands that fall in the middle take in and hold moisture for a good amount of time.”

Hair porosity is usually a result of an individual’s genetic makeup, however many other factors (ie: stress, environment, etc.) can affect it as well. The best way to test the porosity of your hair is to use the ‘hair in a cup of water test’. “Some women like to test their strands by dunking one of their freshly cleaned loose strands in a cup of water to see if it floats or sinks,” Celebrity hairstylist Lacy Redway explains. She adds that using clean hair is important, as dirty strands will alter your results. “If your hair sinks quickly, it’s high in porosity. If it floats, it’s low-porosity. And if it takes longer than a couple of minutes to sink, you most likely have medium porosity.”

To further test the porosity of your hair and keep it always looking and feeling it’s best, make sure to visit your Ottawa hair stylist regularly. They will be able to help keep hair of all types as healthy as possible.

Sweat and Hair Maintenance

Beautiful wet brunette

Sweating is something that everyone does (and is supposed to). It’s a result of the body’s internal cooling system to keep us from over heating whenever body temperature is elevated as a result of exercise, physical activity or otherwise. It’s normal and healthy, but it can sometimes affect the look of your hair.

As we move closer toward summer weather with each passing day the chances of increased temperatures that may have an effect on your hair (and body as a whole) also increases. You may not be able to control Mother Nature, but you can most definitely minimize the effects that her heat and sweat by product causes to your hair. Here are some great tips to sweat proof your hair:

“Stop Messing With It

You know that habit of tousling your hair that pops up when you get nervous? Well, frankly, it’s only making your frizz situation worse, especially as the weather gets ever more sweaty. So for the time being, cut it out.

Fine-Tune Your Shampoo Routine

Are your locks prone to frizz at even the slightest hint of moisture? Then you need to make sure that you’re not doing anything to exacerbate the issue. Step one: recalibrating how often you wash your hair. Shampooing too often will strip your stands of natural oils, making them even more susceptible to sweat-related insanity. On the flip side, not washing enough will leave your hair looking greasy, a sight made only worse by perspiration. So figure out your happy middle ground, and stick to it.

Treat Your Curls Right
When it comes to their hair being affected by moisture, curly maned men unfortunately have it a lot worse than their straight and wavy-haired counterparts. Without the proper attention, perspiration can make a ringlet-filled mop can go from Kit Harington to Carrot Top in an instant.”

Sweat is inevitable so knowing the best way to manage it well help keep your hair looking it’s best. Make sure to visit your Ottawa hair stylist regularly and keep up with hair maintenance in between appointments.

How Your Hairstyle Choice Can Affect Your Hair


The way someone decides to style their hair is a reflection of their personality, willingness to take risks and exemplifies a part of their own particular uniqueness. There are so many styles from which to chooseand when you consult with your Ottawa hair stylist they will be able to make the process of choosing the right style that much easier.

Besides deciding on a style that will compliment your facial structure and overall style, it’s also important to consider how the hairstyle may affect your hair overall. A recent study has found “a strong association between certain scalp-pulling styles and the development of gradual hair loss. Around one-third of African-American women suffer from traction alopecia, gradual hair loss caused by damage to the hair follicle from prolonged or repeated tension on the hair root, making it the most common form of hair loss among that group, researchers said. Researchers categorized hair practices into low, moderate and high risk styles based on the degree to which follicles are exposed to tension, weight, heat and hair-altering chemicals, such as straighteners.Moderate-risk styles include some of the same styles noted to be high risk, but because they are performed on natural, unprocessed hair, they are less likely to result in hair loss, researchers said. Low-risk styles generally included low-tension styles, such as loose buns, and loose-hanging styles, such as wearing the hair down, as well as practices that decrease the amount of friction on the hair and scalp and avoid chemical relaxers, they said. The highest-risk styles include braids, dreadlocks, weaves and extensions, especially when applied to chemically straightened hair, researchers said.”

Now, this isn’t to say that all hairstyles can’t be worn in the hair at some point, but knowing which ones cause the most potential stress on the hair will help determine how long you maintain the particular style for. The best course of action is to talk with your hair stylist at your Ottawa hair salon as they will be able to answer all questions and concerns related to your hair and they will be able to ensure that your hair stays it’s healthiest regardless of the style you choose.