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Spring Hair Trends


The weather has been very back and forth (it is Ottawa, however!) but we can safely say that Spring is finally here. What does Spring mean to you? To many it means rebirth and newness and to others it means a lot of rain. Both are correct, and rain is necessary to help facilitate new growth. Spring also provides new opportunities to try out different hairstyles.

Here are some of the top hair trends for 2016 that you may want to try out this season.

Braids: Frontals are also good to use to do the 2 braid look, that is so hot right now! There are many different braiding options out there to not only protect your style but simplify your routine. The Goddess Braid, Fish Tail or the simple Cornrows or “Box Braids”are some examples.

Frontal Installations: A frontal ensures that no hair is left out while wearing it. Many celebrities use frontals and closure pieces to change the style and color of their hair, at the same time, maintaining the health of it. When properly applied, frontals look very realistic giving the appearance of a natural hair line. However, just like color, if it is not done by a licensed professional, you run the risk of damaging your hair or possibly suffering from alopecia or balding around your edges.

The Top Knot Bun: This simple and sleek style can take you from day to night. The ease of achieving this look makes you feel like you never want to give it up. Hair Extensions can be incorporated with the top knot bun by taking a bundle, cutting up the tracks to the desired length and wrapping it around your pony tail until you get the desired shape for your look.”

The best way to achieve these awesome Spring styles is to visit your Ottawa hair salon and have a professional hairstylist make it happen for you. Not only will they be able to execute it in the right way but they will also be able to provide tips to help keep that particular style looking its best for longer.

The Key to Thicker Hair

Beautiful woman with red hair

Hair today, gone tomorrow. Sometimes view this phrase as a lighthearted look at hair and how as we age it tends to lose it’s fullness, but it can also be very hard for some people to deal with. For some, hair represents a large part of their identity and being able to maintain thick, lustrous locks helps them to symbolize strength, vitality and staying young.

Besides regularly visiting your Ottawa hair salon for scalp assessments/treatments, trims and styling, there are some other things which can be done to help improve the overall look of your hair. Here are some great tips to help your hair become thicker.

Try to De-stress – Stress can raise levels of testosterone, so do what you can to minimize it (yes, we know it’s easier said than done). But feeling depressed about your hair is stressful in itself, which exacerbates the problem.

Eat Better – Hair is composed primarily of protein so try to include at least 120g fish, lean meat, eggs or low-fat cottage cheese at breakfast and lunch each day. Iron is vital too. In women, heavy periods, lots of cardiovascular sport such as running, and being veggie or vegan can lead to low iron levels.”

For any concerns regarding the healthy growth of your hair it’s important to consult with your Ottawa hair stylist. They will be able to help you achieve optimal hair health and growth.

The ‘Man-Bun’


Over time hairstyles come, go, come back again, get twisted, remixed and blur gender lines. The best part about all of this? They always stay interesting and worth talking about. The most talked about style over the past little while has most definitely been the ‘man-bun’.

Whether you’re a fan of the style or not it has definitely made quite the impact on the hair industry and popular culture as a whole. If you’re a man with long hair it provides a way in which to wear it that is not only stylish but can keep the hairs from out of your face. This particular hairstyle has become rather influential. “Man-bun mania has spread to everything from Halloween costumes to 70,000-follower-strong Instagram accounts and tongue-in-cheek memes featuring joke du jour, Donald Trump. But over the last six months, something has shifted. Almost overnight, the trend swapped hands. Or should we say, heads. Style savvy women everywhere are reclaiming the look. Out of nowhere, the fem-bun appeared.”

The fact that this bun style is one that both men and women can rock is pretty incredible. Regardless of how you may feel about the particular style, it appears as if it won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. If your hair is the appropriate length and you want to give this style a try, make sure to consult with your Ottawa hair stylist as they will be able to provide you with the right styling techniques to ensure your bun is the best it can be!

The Evolution of Hair


The way that hairstyles have evolved over time is pretty remarkable. As we continue to progress through time however, hair will continue to grow and change. The only difference is that sometimes hair can stop growing altogether, or grow in different ways than we have become accustomed to.

The beautiful part of modern technology is that they are always seeking to improve or completely remedy current situations that are causing issues for people. The growth of new skin that starts in a lab that has oil glands and is able to grow hair is a perfect example of where technology and modern medicine is headed. “For the first time, researchers have coaxed a primordial ball of cells into a multi-layered, transplantable patch of skin, sporting hair follicles and functioning glands.

The mouse-based study, published in Science Advances, brings scientists closer to pulling off the feat in humans, which would provide synthetic skin grafts that could treat burn victims and patients with various skin diseases. Researchers have been getting better and better and recreating tissues in lab—but for skin, they had gotten stuck at making simplified versions. Fully functioning skin includes three layers: the epidermis, an outermost protective layer that is mostly waterproof; the elastic dermis layer that gives skin flexibility as well as housing oil and sweat glands, hair follicles, nerve endings, and blood vessels; and the subcutaneous fatty layer that provides padding and insulation.”

Once perfected, the possibilities for something like this can truly be endless. For the present, the best way to ensure that your hair is growing in the most healthy way possible is to visit your Ottawa hair salon. A certified stylist will be able to give your hair and scalp a thorough inspection and help to ensure that you look and feel your best.