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Tips for A Good Hair Day

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The way in which any given day goes is up to you. It may not seem that way as absolutely anything (both good and bad) can happen, but ultimately it all boils down to how you perceive what is happening to you and also how you decide to act based on that perceived information. Your hair however can be managed a bit more easily.

The way that someone would define having a ‘good hair day’ can vary based on hair type and exactly what a particular individual views as ‘good’. Here are some tips that are pretty much universal for helping you to achieve the best hair for the day and beyond.

Smooth moves.
The secret to hair as sleek as an otter’s is to avoid tangles at all costs. Conditioning your ends is a good start, as is going over the hair with paddle brush.

Get hands-on.
Sometimes, effective styling is as simple as a quick comb-through with your fingers. Always try to detangle with your fingers first. If you need a little more help, use a wide-tooth comb. As a bonus, ditching the brush is a total time-saver in the morning — buying you a few extra minutes to snooze.

Hydrate for health.
When caring for extra-dry or natural hair textures, always think in terms of hydration. Natural hair tends to be dryer than other textures. Avoid sulfate-laden shampoos that strip hair, and reduce the frequency of washes. Shampooing natural hair too frequently strips it of its natural oils and causes it to appear dry.”

These tips will help you achieve the best hair day, but make sure to regularly visit your Ottawa hair stylist to ensure you have good and great hair months and years!

Wet vs. Dry Haircuts

Woman getting a haircut

When you take pride in your look and individual unique style, going to the hair salon for regular trims/maintenance an essential part of crafting your look. For the most part the experience at the salon is usually the same (or should be) when it comes to how you are treated and the attention they give your hair. However, when it comes to techniques of individual stylists, things can vary which is a good thing because it creates the possibility of many different hair style creations.

There are of course the main techniques that all hairstylists are taught when they go through their initial schooling, but the different techniques that a stylist can develop over time can help them create new styles to the benefit of their clients. A particular styling type that is gaining steam in the hair industry is dry cutting. “Dry cuts create a more individual look,” says Javier of the lesser-used practice that bypasses the washing and blow-drying process common to most salons. When you cut wet hair it becomes more of a technical thing. When you do it dry, you can see what you need to change. You can see the texture. And it’s not as time-consuming. Offering dry cuts allows me to open the salon up to more people; I realized I’d been missing out on some of the young, cool, inspiring women out there. The method makes for a perfect low-maintenance option for spring, according to Javier. “You might blow-dry it if you’re going to an event,” he says, “but two days later, it’ll still have a certain ease.””

Seeing as how Spring is now upon us, this may be the time to try out a dry cut. Consult with your Ottawa hair salon and find out if a dry cut is the right move for your hair.

Curly Hair Chronicles


First and foremost it’s important to know that every hair type is unique and beautiful. The hair you have is special to you and helps you stand out as an individual, so embrace it and be proud of it! This doesn’t mean that your hair is going to always be manageable however, especially if your hair is curly.

Here are some facts about curly hair that people with curly will understand, and those without may find rather interesting.

Bangs will become short curls

If you have curly hair and you’re sporting bangs, you’re definitely a brave soul. Curly hair is relentless, and will turn into ringlets no matter the length or thickness of your mane. Yep, those bangs are probably going to curl no matter what.

Always a different look

One of the major blessings and curses of having curly hair is that your mane will never look the same two days in a row. One moment, it will be frizzy beyond belief. The next you’ll experience the best hair day you’ve ever had. Life’s an adventure when you have curly hair, y’all.

Curls dry in opposite directions

You would think that ringlets would all curl in the same direction, but it’s not that easy. Your curls will likely form in whichever direction they see fit. And sometimes, that’s in all directions. Waking up with a style of curls that you’ve never seen on your head before is a totally normal occurrence.

Straightening doesn’t do much for long

If you have a curly mane, you’re likely going to need to set aside at least an hour or two just to straighten your hair. But even after straightening it, there’s no doubt it’ll get curly again regardless. No matter how fabulous your locks look when sleek, your strands will curl when next exposed to a drop of moisture. It’s just the way of the world.”

To keep your curls always looking their best make sure to visit your Ottawa hairstylist.

Coffee and Hair Health


Most people can’t start the day without a cup of coffee. Whether it’s just a part of their routine or they need a little pick me up, coffee can be just what you need to get you motivated to take on the day. However, coffee has more benefits than just being consumed as a beverage.

“Caffeine also has some benefits for the hair; it promotes growth. Here are ways in which coffee benefits hair when topically applied:

Hair loss treatment: No woman likes to lose their hair as this even affects their self-confidence. Caffeine in coffee is great for hair. When a topical application is done on the hair or scalp, it finds its way to the roots and stimulates them.

Hair growth: Coffee stimulates the hair roots by improving its structure and growth. Caffeine can thus restore hair growth and/or prevent hair loss.

Manageable hair: Coffee brew can be used to detangle the hair; it makes the hair shaft stronger and smoother, making it easier to manage while giving it a natural sheen.

Hair mask: Coffee can also be used on hair as hair mask. A tablespoon of honey and olive oil each then add two teaspoons of coffee powder. Make a smooth paste then apply to the hair. Leave it on for about half an hour then rinse it off.”

Before you start pouring your morning java all over your head, make sure to consult with your Ottawa hairstylist and see if these caffeine treatments are the the best move for your particular head of hair.

The Right Short Hair Style for your Face

Happy young woman in black dress and pearls

Hair doesn’t make the person, the person makes the hair. As confusing as that may sound, what it means is that who you are and your personality are what make you special, and your hair is the icing on the cake. The amount of hair you have is also something that some may find limiting when it comes to hairstyles that can be achieved. It’s important to know that whether your hair is long or short, there are many style options available to you.

Here are some short hairstyles that are perfect for particular face types to create the ultimate style.

If you have a Heart-Shaped face

“The most flattering styles for this face shape will have some length around the face. Think Michelle Williams in the Louis Vuitton adverts. It’s a short cut, but there’s length to play so it becomes quite versatile and can be styled in a variety of different ways.”

If your face is round

“Katie Holmes is a great example of how to style short hair with a round face shape. Keep the length just below the jawline or below.”

For an oval face

“Anne Hathaway and Keira Knightley are great examples of how to make short hair work on an oval face shape. The trick is to give it plenty of texture and to make sure there is some height at the roots.”

For those with a square face

“With a square face shape don’t style the hair onto or over the face because the most flattering style will show off your cheekbones and jawline. Think Cameron Diaz and Natalie Portman.”

Regardless of the shape of your face, your Ottawa hairstylist will be able to give you a look that is flattering and unique to your personal style.