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Achieving Healthier Hair through Diet




Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. This is a statement that gets said a lot, but what does it really mean? How beauty is perceived is based on a set of standards and opinions formed on an individual basis. That means that how one person views beauty is different from how someone else would view it. Hair is a part of the body in which beauty is usually measured by. The style, colour, length and fullness of a head of hair can greatly affect how someone is perceived (although it shouldn’t, but this is the reality we live in).


Achieving the perfect head of hair has been an elusive thing for many people. There are those who are lucky enough to be born with great hair genes, and those who may need a little help in that area, but whether your hair is naturally full and thick, or you are experiencing some hair loss or thinning, visiting your Ottawa hair salon on a regular basis is always the smartest first step. Your hairstylist will be able to provide you with an assessment of your hair’s current state, and provide you with the best styling techniques to maintain the hair you have and stimulate new hair growth.


The next step is awareness of what you’re putting into your body. Our personal diets not only affect our bodies as a whole, but the health of our hair is affected as well. Unfortunately many of us do not get the full requirement of vitamins and nutrients needed for our bodies to work at an optimal level. Keratin (the key structural component that makes up hair and nails) is made up largely of the single amino acid cysteine. The best way to improve the keratin proteins of your hair is to have a diet rich in foods that contain cysteine such as: broccoli, oats, egg yolks and red peppers. There are many other foods that can help provide the necessary vitamins needed to stimulate more hair growth such as: pumpkin seeds, green beans and spinach.


Eating a properly balanced diet is a very important part of hair growth, but it definitely isn’t the only thing that is necessary to promote long and lustrous locks. Make sure you consult with your Ottawa hairstylist about the best ways they can help you achieve the most beautiful and healthy hair possible.

Give your Scalp some TLC



Going to the the root of anything is usually where you will find the answer to any question you may have about something. When it comes to hair, the root is literally and figuratively the place where hair issues begin and can be solved. The scalp is the where hair roots call home and play a large role in overall hair growth and development.


Hair can definitely put the scalp through the ringer and definitely needs to get some attention. A dermatologist named Dr. Nussbaum has stated some of the important things regarding the scalp that people should be aware of. “’The drier your hair, the less you should wash, but I do recommend shampooing once or twice a week to cleanse the scalp and alleviate product buildup,’ she says. Also, while you’re in the shower, give yourself a gentle scalp massage for about 10 minutes. Dr. Nussbaum says this will loosen skin flakes, product residue, and natural oils, and increase blood flow to the scalp to help promote new hair growth.”


Consuming the right amount of water daily, as well as not styling your hair too tightly or using harsh/abrasive chemicals, can also have a large impact on your scalp and overall hair and hair growth development. When you find the right Ottawa hairstylist that is able to help you achieve new and unique styles that help reflect your personality, make sure that they are also giving your scalp the necessary love it needs to help stimulate new hair growth and promote the healthiest head of hair possible.

Seeing your True Colours



The world is filled with beautiful and vibrant colours. From the blue of the sky, to the green of grass and plants, life can be like a living work of art. However, when it comes to the colour of our hair, the concept of living art is taken to a whole new level. The natural hair colour that we are born with sometimes changes on its own and will only continue to change the older we get. Those who are unhappy with their current hair colour, or feel like trying something new are easily able to do so with colour kits they can purchase at many different locations, or have it done professionally by an Ottawa hairstylist in a salon.


To those of you who have never tried colouring their hair before but want to give it a go, congratulations! Colouring your hair can make you look and feel like a completely new person, while your true and unique personality will still be able to shine through. There are however some myths and misinformation about hair colouring and it is important to know the facts before trying anything new. Here are some of those myths:


The new colour won’t last long – It all depends on the type/quality of colour product you use, and whether or not it was professionally applied to your hair.


Maintaining your new hair colour is difficult – If you get your hair coloured, and don’t go in to see your Ottawa hairstylist for touch-ups when recommended, then yes that is true. You can also only go so far on a tank of gas before having to refuel. Taking the proper steps at maintaining your new colour will ensure it stays vibrant.


Colouring your hair promotes grey hair growth – If only this were true then people would have someone to blame for the appearance of grey hairs! The development of grey hairs is genetic and inevitable; colouring your hair won’t accelerate the grey hair…unless that is the new colour you chose.


If you are still on the fence about colouring your hair, or are worried about potential issues which may arise, make sure you consult with an Ottawa hairstylist. They will be able to quell any of your fears and put your hair on a bright, new colourful path.

Loving your Hair



It’s amazing how something that grows out of your scalp can be so important to your life. If you’re a hairstylist, the cutting, colouring and styling of hair is essentially your whole life. For everyone else, the importance of it truly lies on factors such as: career, self-esteem, personality, etc. We are always conscious of how our hair looks, but even more so when it can affect other aspects of our life.


Certain careers may actually require you to wear your hair a certain way because it is either related to overall performance in some way (ie: models) or they are trying to achieve uniformity with their team (ie: certain military factions). On the other hand, there are also times when your hairstyle of choice actually keeps you from getting a job, or being part of a team where hair isn’t, or shouldn’t be the main point of focus.


The truth of the matter is that hair only makes up a part of you, and should in no way define your whole identity. No one should ever judge someone based on the hair they have, don’t have or how it is styled.


Long, short, frizzy, curly or straight, all hair types are great. Love your hair, but more importantly, love who it is attached to.

Hair Raising Experience: Synthetic vs. Real Hair Extensions



The difference between something that is authentic versus something that isn’t can easily be figured out. Whether it is an article of clothing, service or the personality of another person, it’s usually pretty easy to decipher between the real and the fake, but what about the times when it is more difficult to distinguish between the two? Sometimes even the naked eye can’t tell the difference between what’s real and what isn’t. Hair extensions would definitely fall into that category.


It’s important to note that not all hair extensions are created equal. There are some that are made from real human hair, while others are a synthetic blend and there are varying levels of quality for each type. The next question to ask is: what is the better choice, real hair or synthetic extensions? The answer? It depends. What is the look you are trying to achieve? How do you plan to have your hair styled while the extensions are in? Are you comfortable having another person’s actual hair attached to your head? These are a few of the questions that you’ll have to ask yourself before you take the next step and get either type of hair extensions.


As far as what is considered better, it also depends. The overall look of hair extensions (whether real or synthetic) is virtually identical to one another for the most part, however when it comes to quality, durability and cost, this is where things can differ. If the look you are trying to achieve is going to be temporary (ex: for a weekend event or a night out, etc.) a synthetic hair extension might be the better choice, as it would probably be more affordable, yet still give you the desired look. If you plan on leaving in the extensions for an extended period of time you may want to consider real hair extensions, as they will be able to withstand the changing of styles on a regular basis, and varying temperatures/products applied to the hair as well.


No matter what type of hair extension you choose, make sure you make the right choice for you, your personal style and your budget. Consult with your local Ottawa hair styling professional about what your best hair extension options are.