Seeing your True Colours



The world is filled with beautiful and vibrant colours. From the blue of the sky, to the green of grass and plants, life can be like a living work of art. However, when it comes to the colour of our hair, the concept of living art is taken to a whole new level. The natural hair colour that we are born with sometimes changes on its own and will only continue to change the older we get. Those who are unhappy with their current hair colour, or feel like trying something new are easily able to do so with colour kits they can purchase at many different locations, or have it done professionally by an Ottawa hairstylist in a salon.


To those of you who have never tried colouring their hair before but want to give it a go, congratulations! Colouring your hair can make you look and feel like a completely new person, while your true and unique personality will still be able to shine through. There are however some myths and misinformation about hair colouring and it is important to know the facts before trying anything new. Here are some of those myths:


The new colour won’t last long – It all depends on the type/quality of colour product you use, and whether or not it was professionally applied to your hair.


Maintaining your new hair colour is difficult – If you get your hair coloured, and don’t go in to see your Ottawa hairstylist for touch-ups when recommended, then yes that is true. You can also only go so far on a tank of gas before having to refuel. Taking the proper steps at maintaining your new colour will ensure it stays vibrant.


Colouring your hair promotes grey hair growth – If only this were true then people would have someone to blame for the appearance of grey hairs! The development of grey hairs is genetic and inevitable; colouring your hair won’t accelerate the grey hair…unless that is the new colour you chose.


If you are still on the fence about colouring your hair, or are worried about potential issues which may arise, make sure you consult with an Ottawa hairstylist. They will be able to quell any of your fears and put your hair on a bright, new colourful path.